DR BWC Electro Thermal Water Bag

Electro Thermal Water Bag


The product has been filled with galnathnothermy energy conversion agent, which helps it to warm up quickly and keep warm for a long time. Commonly, after charging for 7-12 minutes, it can be used for 2-10 hours, which is 2 hourse for hand warming or 10 hourse for quilt warming. It has automatic temperature control to avoid being over heated, starts heating when the light starts shinnying and stops when the light extinuished. The Product is explosion and leakage proof. The protection device installed inside can restrain the air expansion, and the vinly film and high strength complex fiber guarntee no leakage of the product.

Operation Instruction :
  • The manufacturer had filled the product with water and galvanothermy energy conversion agent.
  • Charging for heating : Insert the power cord to the socket on the product, then connect the power. It starts heating when the light starts shining after 7-12 minutes, when the light xtinguished the product turns into constant temprature status.Turn Off the power supply, take off the power cord for the product, you can use the product.
Causion :
  • Before every heating, please check the tightness of the water affusion plug, make sure the power socket is upward. Do not charge when the product is sideways or inverted.
  • Please do not use the product when it is being charge.
  • Person who is hypoesthesia to the temperature is not allowed to use this product.
  • Babies and kids are not allowed to use this product.