DR BWC Smart Intelligent Mattress

Smart Intelligent Mattress

Model No : PGM0030102

Brand : SIALIY
Model : SL- 9030
Style : Intelligent
Functional Advantages : Folding lift, Suitavble for any bed frame...
Motor : OKIN double motor imported from Germany (Shelf lift 2 years)
Size : 200*180*28cm
Thickness : About 28cm
Soft and hard grade : Moderate Soft
Febric : High grade jacquard knitted cotton
Materials : Flex + high elastic cotton + latex pocket spring + steel frame
Functional Advantages : Fold up and down, suitable for any bed
Packaging : Protective the film + Kraft carboard box
Delivery Time: Send in 7-10 working days
Waranty Period : Normal Use for 5 years, Motor Waranty for two years (non human Damage)
Product Features

Sialiy intelligent electric mattress use ergonomic design principles, combined with the production of high tech seiko, the maximum care to the needs of each part of human body provided by electric mattress. Unque design of our electric mattress are putting the motor kit inside mattress make it able to be fit into any same size bed frame, heavy weight bearing provide safety and long-term quality garuntee. Compared with the used medical care, the liffting function of our electic mattress is more practicle and diversified. According to the human body enginnering in bed frame set up five body segment joint point (that is, the human body bending point), by remote control, can adjust at Angle bedstead, asapt to the bending Angle of human body parts, from to adjust the body posture by remote controlling the electric mattress.