DR BWC Head and Eye Massager

Head and Eye Massager

Features :

  • Intelligent air pressure : Simulation of human massage technique, Fully relax your head muscles, Pressure massage, enhance comfort, help relax the muscles.
  • Multi-frequency Vibration : The rhythm carries on the same frequency movement, promotes the micro circulation, causes the organism to get the effective exercise, produces the buttered effect, dredge the meridian.
  • Acupressure point massage : Top of Head massage, quality rubber, soft massge. High quality rubber materials made of nail massage contact, soft massage nail, more particles, more comfortable. Just like the skilled professional massager kneading the improtant points, reliving fatigue and improving sleep.
  • Infra-red heat compression : Promote blood circulation, relieve tension, relieve headaches and dizziness, and relax the nervous system.
  • Mp3 music : Music and massage complement each other, let you feel the massage in the relaxation enjoyment.
  • Visual design : While massaging, do not affect the normal life and work
  • Reachargeble, wireless : It is more convenient and does not affect other activities.