DR BWC Massage Chair


Model No : PGM080810G

Product Description
  • Wide Screen Remote Control With Touch Screen Remote Control.
  • 5 set of auto massage programmes with 16 kind of combination massage.
  • Auto Body Scanning for Complete Relaxing Massage.
  • 4 massage rollers in your back, make knocking, kneading, slapping and shaistu, synchronus knesdding, knocking function
  • 3 Step zero Gravity function
  • Unique zero slide forward Reclining movement
  • 3 Line "GAUSHA" Roller Massage For Soles.
  • Thermal Heating For Back .
  • Flexible Manupulator.
  • 128 Airbags for Full Body Massage
  • 8-Soft Sandwich Rollers Massage Hand To give you complete human Touch Masssage.
  • 1.8mm Minute strokes for soothing massage.
  • Dual Remote For Quick Control.
  • Unoque 2nd Remote at fingertip.
  • High Quality Leather.
  • Head + Shoulder + Full Arm + Hip + Foot Airbags Massage
  • U Shad Head Airbags Massage
  • Zero Gravity function Swimming.
  • Extenable footrest. the leg can extend 18cm
  • Seat Heating & Back Heating function
  • Super length L S shap track
  • Slidding forward Reclineing Movement
  • Foot Scraping treatment
  • Hi-Fi Dolby Bluetooth music system with in built wi-fi speakers.
  • USB charging for cellphone
  • Fully Automatic Human Touch Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair offers complete relax.
  • U-Shape Pillow for Temple Massage.
  • SL-Shape LONG Back Track for Spinal Massage.
  • Carben Fibre Far Infra Red Heating Therapy.
  • Adjustable Massage Intensity.
  • Shoulder Detection and Massage.
  • Armrest Massage with Air Pressure to increase Blood Circulation.
  • Thai-scratch massage for joints and ligaments.
  • Foot Rolling with Air Pressure massage.
  • 4D massage Technology for full relaxation and rejuvenation od body cells.