DR BWC Crazy Fit Vibrating Massager

  • Losing weight and keeping off small amounts
  • Decreasing your stress.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Increasing flexibility and better balance.
  • Developing stronger bones.
  • Having healthier-looking skin.
  • Feeling joint and back pain relief.
  • Experiencing relief from disease pain and motor function impairments.

Crazy Fit Vibrating Massager

The Lifelong Vibration Massage and Exercise Plate vibrates in high frequency and low amplitude, which makes it perfect for a multiple purposes. This vibration machine helps in losing weight and at the same time it increases your body's flexibility. Simply use the machine for 10 minutes every day and notice the desired results. It also promotes blood circulation, fat loss and increases coordination and also helps with releasing backache as it decompresses the spine. This vibration machine helps in maintaining the reflex reactions, thus burning calories and fat.


Overall Dimension : The Crazy Fit Vibration Machine measures 26.8” (L) x 15.3” (W) x 5.5” (H)
Weight : It weighs 35lbs
Power : This model has a 1.5HP motor
User Weight Limit : Its maximum user weight limit is 265 pounds
Five Color choices : The unit comes in black, red, gold, pink, and white
  • Pivotal Motor : The 400 watt motor of the Crazy Fit Vibration Machine delivers effective pivotal (side-to-side) vibration. The platform tilts around a central pivot point, with the right, then left side lifting up and down.
  • Quiet operation :The machine is quiet to use, so you won’t have to worry that your workouts will disturb others in your household.
  • Workout Programs & Speed Options : This model has 9 different 15 minute pre-set workout programs with automatic speed changes.
    Coming with 99 different speed options, these are accessible using the included remote control. This diversity will enable you to vary your workouts to suit the area of your body you want to work on.
    The workout intensity will also increase or decrease, depending on whether you sit, stand or lie on the vibration plate.
  • Resistance Bands :Two detachable resistance bands are included so that you can exercise your upper body.
  • LED Display :An LED display on the console shows your time and speed.
  • Textured Plate :The base plate of the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform has a textured slip-resistant surface, which makes for safer sessions.
  • Floor protectors :Slip-resistant non-marking suction caps located under the base will provide stability and protect your floor from scuffs and scratches.
  • Transport Wheels :Built-in transport wheels enable the machine to be moved by tipping and rolling it.
  • No assembly :To use your Crazy Fit Vibration Machine, unbox it, refer to the manual, plug it in, then hop on board and get started.