DR BWC Automatic Thermal Massage Bed


Model No :PGM013

Product Description
  • Full Body Automatic Thermal Massage Bed.
  • 1st time evre hydraulic lifting massage bed.
  • orignal 13 jade Roller heating Massage bed
  • 9 warm jade Roller for whole Lumber Massage.
  • 4 Warm jade Rollers for leg Massage.
  • Carbon fiber Heating for Lumber (far Infrared heat therapy)
  • Auminium Rail for the high loading capacity
  • Synchronous Belt Transmission for better loading
  • Six Auto massage mode : 1&2 - whole lumber, 3-buttocks & waist, 4 - waist, 5-upper back & Shoulders, 6 - neck & Shoulders Auto massage for 40 min with time setting 5-80 min Hydraulic Back Lifting and tilting.
  • Manual Mode : You can stop the rollers at any postion for spot massade
  • Human touch control for all function by remote
  • Roller inbuilt Projectors : 11 & 5 balls jade Handhelds projectors for all parts of your body.
  • Music function for better relaxation.