Our Dr BWC Featured Products

Our Dr BWC Products

DR BWC Massage Chairs

Golden Chariot

4D Zero Gravity Fully Automatic Massage Chair

Healing Massage Jade Stone Beds

Advanced Master V3 Gold Full Body Thermal Massage Bed

Healing Bio Mats

Reduce Pain, Provide Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Mental & Emotional Ease

Foot Massager

Reflexology foot plate with a very gentle vibration mode, 3 relaxing speeds.

Neck & Shoulder Massager

Powerful Kneading and shiatsu massage for effective relief of neck, shoulder, lumber, abdomen, and leg aches.

Head & Eye Massager

Reachargeble, wireless : It is more convenient and does not affect other activities.

Vehicles Massage Causion

Kneading / Stretch / Vibration

Knee Massager

Through 14 units red lights to promote cell metabolism & growth and accelerate wound healing.

Intelligent Smart Robotic Wheel Chair

Lightweight steel frame,metal paint strong, durable and attractive

Electro Thermal Water Bag

Hot Water Bag For Pain Relief

Sauna Stream Series

Improves Skin Health

Sauna Stream Room

Steam Room Help To Remove Toxins From The Skin

Pneumatic Compression Device

Prevent Blood Clots In The Deep Veins

Price - ₹28500

Massage Gun

Fitness Exercise Muscle Relaxation Machine

Price - ₹12500

Crazy Fit Vibrating Massager

Super Body Shaper Vibration Plate Machine

Scalp Massager

Scalp Massager 3D Stereo

About Us

Wellness Care products are a result of an in-depth and voluminous research on various ancient Oriental Healing Practices. These products provide Chiropractic and Acupressure benefits via pressure technique, thermal effect of and crystal healing through natural stones and minerals. Besides promoting general well-being by strengthening the immune system and increasing the blood circulation of the body, these products have proven benefits of Pain Relief, Relaxation, Stress Relief and Detoxification.